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    Oge, someone has to start breaking these laws, and I am in a better situation to do so. They are not discussing any royal matter that needs privacy.”It was just a birthday party, and this bunch of brats are picking and choosing who is worthy to dine with them. I went home, wrote a letter…
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    Nkem Ani-Essilfie, a United States-based Nigerian, married to a Ghanaian. She is blessed with a beautiful daughter and a handsome husband. She is an alumnus of Our Saviour Institute of Science and Technology Polytechnic Enugu (OSISATECH), where she earned a national diploma degree in food science and technology in the year 2007. Nkem Ani-Essilfie attended Monroe College, United States of America, in 2015. She was awarded a bachelor’s degree in public health. In 2020, she got her BSN from Chamberlain University, College of Nursing, New Jersey. She is currently enrolled at Purdue Global University for psych/mental health nurse practitioner. She understands how resilient and strong human spirits are as they can overcome so many challenges of the past and create the life they want live