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Oge, someone has to start breaking these laws, and I am in a better situation to do so. They are not discussing any royal matter that needs privacy.”
It was just a birthday party, and this bunch of brats are picking and choosing who is worthy to dine with them. I went home, wrote a letter to all the seven princesses that were at the party, and expressed how I felt about them not letting my guest in. Out of seven of them, five wrote back and apologizes. I responded to their apologies, requesting that five of those princesses have dinner together with me. You, dear reader, have to know that every disappointment is a blessing. Learn to see the opportunity behind your struggles and take advantage of it.

Those princesses did honor my dinner invitation, which I ended up inviting Oge again. When Oge walked in at my princess’s lounge for the dinner, they all looked at each other but didn’t say anything. I went ahead and introduce Oge to them as my friend. Before the end of the dinner party, I asked Oge to speak about her work as a fashion designer and her 100 percent natural. Oge went outside and came in with packages and give them out as gifts to the princesses. She went ahead spoke about her products. Before the end of the party, we all ended up as mutual friends, and those five princesses sign impromp- tus contracts with Oge to be part of their designers’ teams. She was overwhelmed and said, “Thank you, my princess. I just offered them gifts so they can like me and not reject me again. I never came here to get business opportunities because I know that princesses and queens don’t patronize commoners like me. You patronized me because you like me.”
“Now, Oge, this is what I meant when I said the thoughts in peoples’ heads. Oge, people buy other people’s stories and dwell on it all their lives. Some of those stories were lies or don’t matter anymore, but people still act upon it; therefore, limiting themselves from becoming all they can be. Yes, royal families don’t necessarily like patronizing commoners because it is a way to maintain the circle of wealth among the wealthier. However, how many commoners will take samples of their products to the palace to showcase, Oge?”

Oge answered, “No one.”
“Why?” I, Omalicha, asked.

Oge said, “Because it has not been done that way. The com-
moners produce for the poor masses.”
Now, dear reader, does this sound familiar to you? Please don’t
pick that major because as an immigrant, you will never get a job with that degree. Black people don’t live in that city. It is a white people’s school. Women can’t be executive directors of that company.